It seems that public humiliation causes psychological damage with dramatic consequences for human beings. It takes a lot of maturity to overcome it and a lot of grace to heal. Never publicly humiliate anyone, whether an adult or a child. When you have to rebuke someone, do so according to Galatians 6:1, which says: « Brethren, if a man is caught at fault, you who are spiritual, straighten him up with a spirit of gentleness.
And as much as possible, take it aside: you will give your reprimand a better chance of acting as a medicine in him, rather than poisoning his soul. Unless humiliating is the goal you seek, which would make you particularly miserable, and without the fear of God. For it is also written:’May your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is near ». (Philippians 4.5)

And if you ever happen to be humiliated in this way, then forgive. For the cross bears the mark of the Lord’s public humiliation. But the latter has not been defeated by it and He will grant you the grace. It is also up to you to overcome it, if you forgive.

A good week to all in the grace of the Lord Jesus.