I was very young when I began my work in the ministry, and I soon fell prey to my own immaturity. I naively threw myself into Church projects and plans, following in the footsteps of the Servants of God who I believed knew where they were headed. I thought that all I needed to participate in God’s work building the church was to be zealous for God, and I was acutely unaware of how the Devil would twist that zeal against me in order to shackle me in the chains of my prideful heart? I was dragged into all sorts of strange doctrines, because our flesh and our pride will always look for novel ways to show off. Somewhere along the way I found myself sucked into a spiritual black hole, losing not only myself but also my first love for Christ. I didn’t understand how I could find myself in such a state of sorrow and suffering when I knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Jesus had saved me and set me free.

Looking back I believe that the reason behind all this was my own immaturity. Without anyone leading me to maturity, I was left to my own devices, like a child growing up without parents. Those were some of the darkest days of my life, and I never want to experience them again. And yet my solution came when God sent one of his wise and enlightened servants, Pastor Miki Hardy, to share the Gospel of the Cross of Christ with me. Since that day, my life has been one of great restoration.

Today I find myself filled with compassion and fear for those Servants of God out there that are still suffering. Those who wander and drift, leading those that follow them astray in their wake. I know what it feels like to lie to oneself and keep going even when you know there is nothing but a dead end ahead. This is the reason I am determined to keep speaking out without restraint: I know that I am nothing more than a small servant of God from one of the smallest villages on one of the smallest islands in the world, but I also know that perhaps my experiences of suffering can be of use to others by shouting loud and proud the messages of warning that God places in my heart. To write without any judgement or condescension, but with a genuine desire to see truth and righteousness prevail.

Please bear in mind while reading my articles that I do not claim to understand or have the higher ground in every subject I write about. But what I am certain of is the clear conviction from the Lord that the message of the Cross is essential, non-negotiable, and sorely lacking in the Church today. I am also convinced that there is no room for any fleshly or legalistic gospel in the Church today, and that any such gospel must be expelled from our midst. This is the expression of my zeal and my love for the Brethren.

May the grace of the living God be with those who sincerely love him.