Our face is a living Tablet upon which Christ’s law is written and displayed for all to see. It should at all times reflect the good news of the Gospel. This ‘good news’ isn’t just some preached message, but it’s also a living message, full of light that shines as much as it englightens- even without words.
A genuine smile, that radiates joy and happiness can prove much more powerful than the words and phrases we clumsily piece together from what we remember from the Bible. The right words, accompanied by this kind of smile, become sharp arrows of grace that bring down the enemy as he tries to capture lost souls.
Rather a face without expression than a false smile… and yet when the heart contemplates Jesus, the face cannot remain motionless, as the glory that is seen shines its rays of hope throughout our entire human nature. Our eyes that were designed to see, are now seen. They shine forth the light of the Lord, and become two shining witnesses that enlighten all those who look into them. The Gospel of Christ is not an illusion; it’s not some cheap, gold-painted imitation that will wear off at the first sight of a trial, leaving the flesh to take over and wreak havoc. The gospel in us is pure gold. God has enriched us. May our face testify of the abundance of life we have in Christ, of His love for all men, His joy at having adopted us, His peace at the remnant of weakness we still carry in the flesh. May our expression reassure those around us! May we express no judgement, no record of past wrong-doing! May we look like Jesus, expressing His mercy, that we might become this message of good news, and draw others to come close to God, without fear and in faith.

What do others read on our faces today? What are our expressions saying to them? Let us draw from the Throne of Grace, where Jesus sits waiting to clothe us in patience and share his glory with us, which we are called to reflect.