How to build up our flesh, and take home sin’s greatest trophies:
All you need is to find yourself an excellent trainer. This is what I would like to share with you, to arouse your spiritual intellect.

In the days we live in, sin is never more than a glance away from us at all times. As the distance between men shrinks, so the distance that separates the Christian from the world has also become dangerously small. Technology has accomplished many great feats, one of which has been to bring Man closer to sin. Temptation is no longer an occasional occurrence, but a constant one. Evil doesn’t hide anymore. It’s become normal, acceptable, even subtly or overtly encouraged. The door of sin is opened by one small click of our computer’s mouse or our telephone’s keypad; by a few presses of a button on a television’s remote control. Technology is now evil’s greatest advocate. These days, it is with increasingly ease the evil can arise from the flesh. The well-designed images and sounds that make up the technology that we know today, serve up an intense cocktail made up of every kind of sin, which Man readily downs in large gulps. Never has there been such a strong current of corruption like that of today.

TV, the Internet and every form of media have proven to be unrivaled trainers when it comes to training Man to sin. Those who do not know how to use them in moderation and with discernment train:
their eyes for adultery,
their hearts to be greedy and unjust,
their ears for profanity,
their emotions for compromise,
their souls to feel insecure,
their tongues to be arrogant, to blaspheme and be careless,
their mouths to lie shamelessly,
their words to wound without saying sorry,
their minds to become engorged with selfishness,
their feet to run ever-faster towards evil,
their hands to touch impure things without disgust,
their hearts to roam the moors of iniquity,
their commitments and sincere resolutions to turn into justified unfaithfulness,
their faith to back down in the face of the ease of compromise,
their love to forgive what God does not forgive without repentance,
their desires for the most ungodly lusts,
their aspirations to satisfy their ambitions no matter what the cost,
their body to give in to temptation, and their heart to resist God’s Word,
their desire for holiness to die out, overcome by indifference,
their cheeks to no longer blush at the sight of immorality,
their souls to no longer be shocked by abomination,
their compassions to die out, crushed by boulders of triviality,
their affection to never show any sign of weakness,
their conscience to waver, as if at the mercy of Mr Iniquity,
their judgement to tolerate everything and anything,
their convictions to embrace wordly ideas,
and so on… and so forth…

These modern day trainers can be very dangerous for you, your children, your family, your church and even your country. Thank God that there aren’t any of them in heaven!

« It’s no good, it’s no good! » says the buyer– then goes off and boasts about the purchase. Proverbs 20:14