Life crises can actually turn out to be beneficial for those who know how to handle them in the spirit of the gospel; those who identify to the Cross of Christ. Crises bring out our weaknesses to turn them into strengths. They might seem like failures, but they are often opportunities for us to be perfected for the great victories that lie ahead. We just need to handle them with humility and, when necessary, repentance.
In a household is experiencing a time of crisis, if the couple are willing to humble themselves and revaluate themselves, they will come out of it all the stronger, with a more sturdy relationship. Pride is what leads to ruin in times of crisis. The humility that the Cross of Christ inspires opens the door to healing and great restoration. If only we could truly grasp the extent of the Cross’s power, we would gather for ourselves trophies that we could display on the table that is set up before our enemies, and our lives would become a story of the victories that are to the glory of the Lamb of God.

In a crisis, the flesh tries to take over, bringing with it its wisdom, its proud decisions. It is the perfect opportunity to bring it to die the death of the Cross, and to allow the Son of God to reign over our will. A crisis will often let many aspects of our flesh and emotions loose; out of our control. Crises often have no human solution. Our only option is to have complete confidence in God, by taking up our Cross. Only then do the fiery flames of the crisis die down, after having consumed whatever was perishable in our faith. It is then that we understand what it says in Romans 8:28: And we know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, and are called according to his purpose. As well as Romans 8:37: But in all these we are more than conquerers by he who loved us.